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Shimla – the queen of hills, as soon as the name comes to our mind, one can automatically imagine (especially North Indian) the beautiful snow capped mountains, lush green forest and amazing weather. 

Me and my wife whom I call Baiko planned a trip to Shimla on Friday night. This journey started next day early morning on my #Faujan – the Jeep, my very own travel partner Mahindra Thar. 

It was early morning and off season time for this destination so the drive went well as you won’t face much of the traffic on road. We took around 7 hrs to cover this distance as roads after entering Himachal Pradesh are bad due to ongoing road widening excavation in hills. 


While crossing Chail district, we faced some thick fog due to which visibility on the road was bad. I personally enjoy driving in all such conditions where it’s a challenge in itself. 

Enjoyment was not only till driving rather we took quick halt to click some worth sharing pictures. It includes everything, the foggy highway, baiko posing with #Faujan & off course #Faujan alone 😉


While being in Shimla, instead of roaming on the very famous & common mall road, we preferred to go into internal of this place & look for more natural habitat. 

Dense Forest

My travel partner was always ready to pose for me in between these huge trees & again foggy yet visible hilly road. 

Faujan posing with treest

After reaching there we check in to a hotel named Sukh Sagar, which was an average hotel with a beautiful view of valley.


Later in the evening we went for a short walk near the shimla secretariat & as expected the view was again breathtaking.


Second day, we went extreme down the hill towards an unknown destination just to explore what’s beneath. Being a Jeeper, the road (actually no road) was awesome & meant for only one vehicle at a time. Fortunately no one came from the other side otherwise… 

Road ends at nowhere & from there we took this hiking route to explore what’s inside this dense forest. Alas, we were short of time so instead of getting lost in it, we came out after hiking for almost 30 mins. 


If you’re coming back towards Chandigarh during day time, don’t forget to have the biggest ever Bhutta (Corn) at Solan Bus Stand and that too in just Rs.20.

Solan Corn

Here comes the beautiful sunset while going down towards delhi.


This is how we tried in a short span of time to explore the unknown places of Shimla. Overall, wonderful experience as I got some good clicks. 

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