Here comes another Sunday and as always we planned to drive down on Delhi roads to click something eye catching. We started at 5:30am from our home towards Lutyens Delhi aka the area near Rashtrapati Bhawan (President’s estate) which is about 25 kms.

With no exact destination, I started driving my #Faujan (I call my Mahindra Thar Jeep with this name) and r255A4854weached there. While crossing the Central Secretariat, Thumb-2I saw huge group of monkeys sitting around the road on both the sides. I was driving slowly from there as they can anytime come on the road and also closely looking if anything worthy enough to click.

There we saw this beautiful motherly love – and guess what, it was the Mother’s Day (8th May) only J . Yay, I got my picture of the day.

On moving further, this cute little monkey was looking very curious to see us. He was more scared than curious I suppose because of the huge stuff (camera + lens) in my hand and obviously human existence in their territory.

This portrait was one of my favourite for the day as for me it was just perfect. Instead of doing the close up, I thought of using the rule of third and here’s the result.

So as I got few beautiful pictures for the day, I started driving back to my home & in between overlooked at random places for some more clicks.

On Ridge Road, we again met a bunch of monkeys and this time it was a typical weekend view.



These two were relaxing and enjoying the body massage as if couple were relaxing on the beach with no thoughts at all. It was just the relaxing weekend and Happy Sunday 🙂

This ended our Sunday’s morning ride – #beingJeeper





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